Mountain Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

What an amazing experience to climb one of the tallest mountains in Indonesia during the rainy season. Luckily we didn't have any rain during our hike and the best of all, it felt like we were the only people on the mountain. So it was all ours ! During high-season, a lot of tourist Go to Lombok to climb the famous Mountain Rinjani ( 3726m ) and they leave all the garbage behind.. very sad to hear and to see ! At some places, where you would put up a tent for the night, you could still see garbage around from others. I think it's horrible. We have to keep the mountains clean ! If you want to hike in a beautiful scenery, don't f*** it up. Instead, give back. Help the locals clean up the mountain, teach them that it's bad to throw empty bottles, packaging, gas bottles etcetc.. in the nature. It's not good for the plants, its not good for us, its not good for humanity. Anyways, enough about bad habits. Mountain Rinjani is one of the most beautiful hikes I've done. You feel above the clouds, and this is literally. You go through all these different parts of nature, the sounds of the animals surrounding you, all the lush green. Magnificent !  More images and stories (Jungle Kids, Surfing in Uluwatu, Bayan) on Enjoy and I hope you get inspired !


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The Pyrenees, France

The Pyrenees, France

Roadtrip October 2016
Bilbao - Deba - Zarautz - SanSebastian - Biarritz - Pyrenees - Pamplona - Los Acros

Somewhere in September a good friend of London and I decided to have a little road trip to clear our minds as we were so swamped with work, we really needed a break. So we decided to take a plane to Bilbao Spain and then travel with a car up the coast towards Biarritz France. No planning ahead, just going with the flow, seeing where the roads would bring us. Meeting so many lovely open minded people with amazing stories and tips for what we could do on our journey. When we had our first surf in Zaurautz, someone told us that there was an O'Neil World Championship going on in France not to far from Biarritz. So we headed that way ! After spending a few days in a little surf-town we decided to go to the mountains as our arms were so tired fighting the strong waves. We still had a few days left, so we started driving inland towards the Pyrenees. Ending up in a little village, where everything was closed at 7pm already, we've found this little pancake place. We started to have a chat with 2 local farmers, with who we had amazing funny stories with. Keep in mind these are 2 local farmes, 1 farmer spoke a little bit of English as his son was living someweher in the UK, but the other one had such a thick French accent, it was to funny, he had like 20cows and that was his life.. They told us to have a morning walk before the sunrise. And yes. This was amazing. They also said that there was a nice hike not to far away. Two hour hike they said... More like a five hour hike ! It was worth it. FOR SURE. We enjoyed every moment of nature. Every moment that we were breathing, being aware of the beautiful surroundings. Just enjoying life, thinking about what is really important. We have to get more often to nature, to balance our daily lifestyles and to inspire other people. This makes us being human.