Freelance Graphic Designer

August 2013 - Present / London, United Kingdom

Creation of training documents for use by VM globally, working alongside senior stylists.
Work involves photographing products, stores and showrooms, editing in Photoshop and creating documents using InDesign and Illustrator.

Sander has worked for us for some years as our main freelancer and has shown himself to be extremely versatile, quick to pick up new projects and ready to investigate and trial new software. He is a very fast and conscientious worker and is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the efficiency and speed of working practices for himself and for the team. 

Sander works well under pressure and has often gone above and beyond what was expected of him, understanding the demands on the team and supporting as required.

Sander has also trained many of our new starters and other freelancers, with patience and clarity. He has intuitive people skills and has had a great working relationship with all members of the department.

- Sadie Briggs
  Visual Merchandising Guidelines Manager
  Visual Merchandising

Sander is a brilliant designer, who is incredibly proficient in Adobe Creative Suite. Having worked directly with him at Burberry. 
I can confidently vouch for his speed, accuracy and consistency in executing excellent work. He was a great colleague to learn from and work with, and an excellent team player.
- Lydia Sidarta
  Visual Merchandising Guidelines Assistant


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